The Great Car Debate

Over the past 6 weeks we have had the luxury of two cars. It’s been well over a year since we made the decision when our one car died to stay with only one car. It was interesting to have a second car and there are a few things that I noticed when I had access to a car at anytime.

  • I was less careful with my time and planning – When I had access to a car whenever I wanted I found I didn’t plan my day out as well as I usually do. I felt as if I was much busier then normal because I was driving all over the place and when people realized I had access to a car I was asked to do more favours. One thing I like about only having one car is that I must use my time more wisely and plan my day out before I leave the house.
  • I spent more money –  Because we could go out whenever we wanted I spent more money. We would go shopping just to get out of the house because it’s still cold and there was a lot more impulse purchases. I also wasn’t restricted by size. When I walk to pick up groceries I have to carefully consider what I buy because I can only carry what fits in the stroller. When you have a car, you have lots of room so I didn’t think as carefully about the purchases.
  • The second car wasn’t used as much as I thought – the car actually sat around more than I thought. Brian would take one car to work and if we were having a snow storm or if it was miserable out we didn’t go out. If Adam was in a mood we didn’t go out. There were a few times where one car just sat in the driveway for a few days in a row.

It was an interesting six weeks. There were a few times where it was very convenient to have the two cars however when you weight the pros and cons of owning two cars I think we are doing just fine with one car. When I think about how much a second car would be, the maintenance, car payments, insurance and so on the idea of saving the money and walking to the grocery store is very appealing. Granted in this -14 degree Celsius weather I would much rather drive then walk.


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