Our Nature Adventure

As I’ve mentioned before my Mom has been doing a Little Big Year in birding. I have gone out with her before as I have mentioned here. Today we made the trip to see the Tundra Swan Migration which was amazing to see. The amount of swans and the noise they were making was comparable to being at a sporting event. My Mom tells the story of our adventure at her blog My Little Big Year. Her site has many of the photos I took so I won’t be repeating them all here. But I have chosen to share my nature ones and a few birding ones as well. Please check her blog out.

These adventures are always filled with laughs and honestly we probably look like two crazy ladies pulled off on the side of the road. One with binoculars and the other with a camera. I hope we can continue to go out together because we make a pretty good team. I am learning more about birds from my Mom and seem to be always looking for them and I also get to go out and play with my camera too, which I don’t do enough of.

So for you enjoyment a few pictures from the day.


The Tundra Swans flying in for a landing.


Some bird which of course I can’t remember the name but I am proud of the picture! My Mom has the name here! (I was listening to you but a lot happened between now and then.)


A very cool branch along our walk.




This was on the beach, it was the end of an approximately 12 foot tree that had washed up. I have more pictures of the tree but I’m saving those for a different day.

It was an enjoyable mid-day with my Mom. I can’t wait to do it again. I also can’t wait for Adam to get a little older because I think he will love these adventures we go on.


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