The Big Boy Bed

Yesterday after Adam crawled out of his crib 10 times then proceeded to fall off the top Brian and I made the decision to convert his crib into a day bed. This wasn’t something I thought I was prepared for but I didn’t want to risk a broken arm the next fall.

We decided that this would be a good time since both Brian and I are off the next few days and besides dinner with the families we don’t have big plans.

Brian got out the tools and started to take the front of the crib off. Adam was so happy to help and work on the screws and put together the side rail. It was a happy affair until Adam saw the front of his crib come off. This caused a full blown meltdown because Adam thought we broke his crib. Brian sat on his new “big boy” bed and convinced Adam it wasn’t a bad thing. He soon was jumping on his bed and telling us all about his big boy bed.

Brian and I were both wondering if bedtime would be a disaster. We went through our normal routine. I put Adam down and he got up so Brian went and put him back into bed. Apparently I did it wrong and his Patchy Patch doll wasn’t in the bed. Brian rectified that and that was the end of the battle of the bed.

Something seemed so wrong. It shouldn’t have been so easy. But it was, Adam slept until the morning. He woke up an greeted me with a huge smile and so proud he slept in his big boy bed.

Nap time was a different story. I put Adam down and he quietly came to the door. I’d open the door and put him back. This turned into a great game. There was no crying, no whining just Adam getting out of the crib and me putting him back. It got to the point I stopped picking him up and made him crawl back into bed himself. I understood this was new for him and his room is brighter then it was last night. Eventually I just stood at his door with it cracked and when he sat up I would point my finger and he would lay back down.

The whole process took 53 minutes but finally he gave up and went to sleep. In theory tomorrow it should take less time. This seemed to be a reoccurring issue in all the parenting shows that were on TV a few years ago. The tips they gave stuck and they worked. As a parent you just have to put the effort into it.

Say very little and just put your child back into bed
Make their bed inviting
Celebrate the milestone
Stick to your guns, you bend once even a two year old will remember it

Make it into a game, once it’s a game it will go on forever
Laugh or smile, no matter how funny it is
Lose your temper or patience – it can be exhausting but everyday it will be easier

The one thing I learned however is if you are planning on eating a Frosty during nap time take it out before you start this routine. It will then be melted to the optimum eating temperature and texture. If you wait until after it will be too hard and not as enjoyable.

Adam just woke up and was so happy to sleep in his big boy bed. Now if potty training would be this easy!



2 thoughts on “The Big Boy Bed

  1. Oh congrats! How old is your son? I’m wondering when we’ll need to do this. Our son is creeping up on 3′ tall and I’m scared he’s gonna do a superman dive out the crib soon lol.

    • He’s 2 1/2 but also very tall as well. He’s been able to get out of his crib for a while but wasn’t doing it regularly. If he hadn’t fallen he’d probably still be in it. Luckily he doesn’t know how to work the doorknob yet so when he gets up he’s stuck in his room. I’m sure that will change soon.

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