Great at Toilets, Sucks at Floors


Yep, that look says it all. That is pretty much how I feel when I scrub a toilet. Adam decided he didn’t want to nap and I had to get the bathroom clean so I decided to try and clean it while he was awake.

Turns out he’s awesome at scrubbing toilets. At first I didn’t want him playing in a toilet of chemicals but they were watered down and I made sure he wasn’t splashing around it in and of course not drinking it.

Adam was so proud that he was helping Mommy, he scrubbed that toilet while I cleaned everything else in the bathroom. I’ve never seen someone take so much enjoyment and pride in cleaning a toilet.


He got right into it and put some serious elbow grease into the job.


I couldn’t let him clean the toilet all day so I traded him the scrub brush for a broom and the Swiffer wetjet. As good as Adam was cleaning the toilet, he did a horrible job on the floor. He pressed the button on the wetjet before sweeping so all the hair and dust stuck to the floor and just got smeared everywhere.

I’ll give him a pass on that mistake because the toilet is sparking and he is only two and a half years old.

I wonder when he is a teenager will he be this enthusiastic about cleaning?

I hope so!


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