My Stand Against the Cold

I’m tired of this cold weather. Yes we get one nice day here followed by a cold day and its such a tease.

I’ve never appreciated the spring as much as I do now. With an active two year old I long for those days where we would spend all day running round outside. I’m actually a little stir crazy from this winter which seemed harsher then normal.

In my battle against the cold I decided to get my deck set up this morning. It gave Adam a chance to rediscover all the outside things we put away in the fall and maybe we could entice the nice weather to come.


This year after winter the deck didn’t look too bad. When the snow melts we usually find a bag or two of garbage that was missed. Sometimes we find boarders like deer mice or a stash of nuts hidden by a squirrel.

This morning was actually very productive. Not only did I get the deck set up and cleaned off a bit but I also cleaned out the garbage container which was on my list last year and I never got there and I got a jump on my gardening by pulling up all my dead plants and emptying my small planters so they are ready for plants.


Now when I look outside I feel optimistic that the nice weather is on its way and not depressed with the feeling that I won’t get to curl up with an ice tea and a book in the afternoon.

Even Adam has the right idea.


My front isn’t looking bad at the moment either but I’m going to focus on the inside of the house for the rest of the day. I made the mistake of looking at the long term forecast for this week.


What do you mean rain all week and snow on Friday? Well my attempts may be futile however whenever the nice weather decides to get here I’ll be ready for it.


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