The Magic of Dr Seuss


I’ve come to appreciate Dr Seuss even more then I did before. He has become a staple in our house. At the moment we only have 3 of his books. Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and Hop on Pop. As a child I had every book in the collection but they were on loan and were returned once we outgrew them.

Adam and I read the books we have at least twice a day. Sometimes I roll my eyes because I hate some of the lines like “box gox in yellow socks” and realistically how many times can you read Green Eggs and Ham. After this weekend the answer is as many times as Adam wants me to.

On Friday we took the books over to my parents house and Adam sat down to read with Gramma. Gramma started reading but stopped at the last word. Adam had no problem completing the sentence. He’s not reading the word, he’s memorized it however it still blew my mind.

Tonight I decided to try the same thing with One Fish, Two Fish. He was not only able to finish the last word but on some pages he was even able to say entire sentences. It made me proud.

Tonight has reinforced the importance of reading time. I didn’t really feel like reading but I did anyways. I’m so glad that I did. Going forward I don’t care if it’s past bed time or late at night. We will sit every night and read at least one book.

When I read the words aren’t going in one ear and out the other. They are sticking and in time Adam will be able to read on his own and we will have taught Adam maybe one of the most important thing he’ll ever learn.


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