Breaking My Own Rules

Today I broke my own rule. I caved to the pressure of a toddler. Adam knows my weakness, he looks at me with those big eyes and the lip comes out and with a “pretty please” I’m putty in his hands.

It’s another wet dreary day and by 9:30 Adam had already told me he was tired and wanted to cuddle in Mommy’s bed and watch TV. We sat and watched Pingu and then the dreaded question arose.

“Mommy watch Power Rangers!?”

At first I had no issues with the show. It was actually my favorite show as a kid and I remember spending hours outside jumping off snow banks and climbing trees in an attempt to beat the “puddys”

Adam’s actions I can’t deny are so cute.

Adam running around the house saying Mommy monsters! Then following that up,with some ninja moves to beat these monsters he sees makes me laugh. It also shows me he has quite the active imagination.This imaginary play that is inspired by the show I think is great.

The problem is when Adam comes running up to me and starts kicking and hitting. In the brain of a two year old he sees that the Power Rangers get mad at the bad guys and “save the world” by hitting and kicking. When I say no to something I become the bad guy, in turn hitting and kicking me will solve his worlds problems.

At some point in Adam’s life he will have to learn to differentiate real from fake. At two however I’m probably not helping by letting him watch this. We’ve gone a week or so without watching the show and for the most part the hitting has improved. That in conjunction with time outs and exaggerated reactions to pain to make Adam feel guilty I think he can learn right from wrong.

As my Dad said earlier, he’s two, two year old boys kick, hit and fight . He loves the Power Rangers and well on this rainy day why not watch one or two episodes?

Rules were made to be broken right? Since I make these rules doesn’t that give me the power to change them at any time?

Go Go Power Rangers!


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