One Of Those Days

I woke up exhausted but determined to have a fun day with Adam. The weather is beautiful so I thought a walk to the park, or a hike to the store. Something outside, something to keep us busy,  just something fun.

Well the images in my head did not turn out the way they wanted. Adam was not in the mood for anything and he was all about touching everything he shouldn’t. He would touch something knowing I would say no, then shoot a glance at me with a “what are you gonna do about it” look. I kept asking him if he wanted to go outside but he didn’t want to. I was not going to force his shoes on because the way he was acting it would have been the meltdown of the year.

After a few hours of attempting to play or do something fun I threw the towel in. At this point Adam asked to go sit on my bed and watch TV.

photo (6)

This is how the morning ended. Adam with big red bags under his eyes sitting on my bed watching Pink Panther. I was happy because the fighting was over. At least for a bit, it was another fight at nap time but that was a simple one. I put Adam in his bed and closed the door. He got the message pretty quickly.

I’m hoping we get out after dinner because we’ve been wanting the warm weather for so long. Maybe when Daddy gets home we can team up on Adam and squash this limit testing behaviour.

Today is one of those days, at least tomorrow we can start over and try again for a better day.



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