The First Real Hair Cut

On Tuesday My Mom and I took Adam for  his very first “real” haircut. My Mom has been trimming his bangs and cleaning up wild hairs here and there but it was time for his first real haircut. There is a children’s hair studio in the city that I called however was told that they don’t take walk-ins after 4 pm and on weekends. It sounded like a great idea, their chairs are those ride on cars and trucks you see at the grocery store. I also expect it is very expensive there. I was willing to pay whatever however the idea of an appointment turned me off. Especially for a 2-year-old. Also the fact that there weren’t any available appointments for the next few days.

I changed my game plan and decided to take him to the First Choice Hair Cutters just up the street. We were greeted by what Adam later referred to as the “nice lady”, and she said she would try to cut his hair. With this being the first time we didn’t know how it would go. She went to put the cape on him and he started to get upset so we decided to just cut without it. There was one large tear on his cheek during the entire time but he was so good!

photo (9)


I’ll credit his behaviour to the “nice lady” because she was amazing with Adam. She didn’t get too much in his face but took her time, worked with him and he just sat there and let her go to town. My Mom also probably helped with cutting his hair at home so this wasn’t a completely new experience to him.

photo (7)


At the end of it Adam was given more stickers (he was given a few when he got upset) and was so happy that he was the handsome boy of the salon. He looked like a different grown up boy and his curls are gone. (I’m sure they will come back though.) I went to pay and they took my information and put it in the computer so if we would like to return. I started to get my debit card out and tip money when I was handed a receipt with a total of $0.00. As it turns out and I had no idea the first haircut is FREE! Of course I gave a tip almost equal to what I should have paid for the haircut. I needed a few dollars for a treat for Adam. We were given a certificate (just like the expensive place) and away we went.

I was very impressed with everything about this experience. We will be going back to First Choice for Adam’s hair. The staff was wonderful, the free haircut was a surprise which was appreciated. It seems like it sure beat the place that needed an appointment, with all the gimmicks to entertain kids.

Who knows, maybe when I get my haircut every 2-3 years I may go there too!


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