I Love You Forever

I Love You Forever is a book written by Robert Munsch. It’s actually his best selling book, selling over 15,000,000 copies world wide.

It’s a book that my Mother read to me as a child and in it the repeated poem is –

I Love You Forever,
I Like You For Always,
As Long As I’m Living
My Baby You’ll Be

Brian and I both have started to sing this to Adam just as we put him into bed. For the longest time I couldn’t do it without tearing up.

Twice this week Adam has had me in tears.

On Monday when I opened the door to his room in the morning he sat up and said – Mommy, love you always.

Tonight after a very long day for the whole family, instead of reading Adam a book I decided he could fall asleep in bed with me. We sang Wheels on the Bus, the lullaby version and then we switched to I Love You Forever.

I started with I Love You Forever and Adam started to rub his nose against mine and said “Love You Always” He rolled over and pretty much fell asleep.

I squeezed out the rest of the poem between tears and just let Adam sleep beside me.

One day just like in the book it’ll feel like I’m living with a teenager from a different planet or he’ll be driving me crazy. I’ll always have this memory of Adam’s sweet little voice that he will always love me.

Robert Munsch, thank you so much for creating such joy out of a poem that caused you so much pain. The story of how this story came to be can be found at here..


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