Operation Wiggle Coffee

Operation Wiggle Coffee is now in full swing.

What is this operation you ask? Well it’s buying a coffee and personally delivering it to Anthony Field or better known as Anthony Wiggle (The Blue One). As I have gone on before about the Wiggles and have taken Adam to their farewell show which you can read about here. I have earned the title from my friends as a “Wiggle Groupie” and well maybe a bigger fan than Adam is.

So why would I get the idea of taking a coffee to Anthony personally? (It does seem a little creepy and “stalkerish” but my intentions are genuine)

It all started with a Tweet that was answered to:



Now in all fairness, if I can’t have coffee with Anthony such is life. I would like to keep my word however, buy him a coffee and give him a huge hug and say thank you for what you do.

Today I briefly Tweeted Anthony because they were in LA doing a promotional tour and it turns out they will be 2 hours away from us on Friday. I considered taking that trip because I have the day off however not an hour ago it was announced that they will be coming back here in September! I may not even have to leave my own city to accomplish this task. You better believe I am taking that day off.

There you have it operation Wiggle Coffee. Maybe we can make things happen and end up with an amazing blog post or I’ll just come across as a crazy Canadian Wiggle Fan.

Honestly I’m ok with either one.

Anthony, how do you take your coffee?


3 thoughts on “Operation Wiggle Coffee

  1. oh AWESOME!! Anthony is so cool!!

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  3. […] say the past two days have been exciting is an understatement. It all started with offering to buy Anthony a coffee. To actually having coffee with The Wiggles. Then today ballooned into something even more […]

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