Balance Between Embracing and Protecting

I honestly thought I would have several years to figure this out. Adam is throwing me into the challenge between embracing him and protecting him. I have always said that I would do everything I can to support who he is as a person, embrace his likes and wants and I will love him just the same.

How can I do this yet protect him from the cruel world we live in. Especially when he’s just learning and doesn’t understand his emotions.

What is bringing on these questions?

Pink Shoes.

My child wants nothing more in the world then pink shoes and pink sandals. He loves pink. He has a pink cup now because that is the only colour he wanted. He has pink balls and likes to colour with pink crayons.

Pink is just a colour. I can accept this, however I am terrified of buying my son a pair of pink shoes and having him wear them in public. I am not prepared for people to ask questions of me or even ask questions of him that he will just respond with something like “pink shoes” with a smile on his face.

I keep saying I will allow it when he is old enough to defend his choices. However I am old enough to defend my choices and that choice scares me.

I offered to buy him the Dora flip flops or the pink Crocks because I was on the hunt for something he can just wear on the deck. (Many slivers and that is a blog for another day)

He quickly got distracted by the pink princess umbrella.

photo (16)


Geeze I love this guy. Pink shoes or not. Maybe by the end of the summer I’ll find the strength to stand up to society and say it’s acceptable for my son to wear pink shoes in public. By doing that I can teach my son some of the best and hardest lessons in life.


One thought on “Balance Between Embracing and Protecting

  1. […] guy in pink! He was really pink. My Mom and I were laughing because earlier we were discussing the pink shoes. Overall the show was good. There was a 15 minute break halfway through which was a horrible idea. […]

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