Toopy and Binoo Live!


Toopy and Binoo is a cartoon short that usually appears between shows on the children’s TV networks or occasionally many of the shorts are clumped together for a 30 minutes show spot. Toopy is a giant rat and his best friend in the whole world is Binoo. These two critters spend their days using their imagination going on adventures. I won’t lie. I LOVE THIS SHOW! It’s so cute and does have some pretty good lessons about friends, sharing, empathy and so on. This is one of the first shows that Adam sat and laughed out loud at. He was with my Mom watching it and he laughed hysterically at this episode.

When it was announced that their live show was coming, my Mom didn’t hesitate when I asked her if she wanted to go with us. (She loves them too.) On the way there I admitted that I didn’t know if this was a good idea because Adam was acting like a terrible two year old toddler for the previous few days and I expected the worse while we were out. Once we were in the venue my horrible two year old turned into the best behaved kid there.

photo 1Before the show started – a nice selfie. I didn’t bring my good point and shoot camera because on the ticket it said no cameras and I’ve had bad experiences at that particular venue before with their camera policy so I didn’t even risk taking it. I wish I had. Everyone had cameras as well as a few had DSLRs! Please pardon my photos because I took them with my iPhone.

We were positioned at the side of the stage so we could see people behind the stage and my Mom was the first one to catch a glimpse of Toopy and Binoo. Adam caught a glimpse too and the excitement began. Once the show started he was wonderful and so involved in it. The smile on his face was from ear to ear and the excitement in his eyes was priceless.

photo 2

Our seats were really good, there was a little bit of a dead area right under us however there was always enough going on that there was something to look at and Toopy and Binoo spent most of their time center stage which was nice.

photo 4

photo 5Hey look a guy in pink! He was really pink. My Mom and I were laughing because earlier we were discussing the pink shoes. Overall the show was good. There was a 15 minute break halfway through which was a horrible idea. I realize the performers need a break and they needed to move the set around however Adam along with many other children lost a bit of interest in the second half of the show. (We have high expectations now comparing everything to The Wiggles, who took a break but had other performers on the stage to keep the kids engaged.) I also found that the sound wasn’t leveled as well as it was during the second half as it was the first half of the show. Even Adam said a few times that it was too loud.

Overall it was a great time out, the show was good. Adam loved it. I asked him this morning if he had fun just playing and he came back with “Lots fun, Toopy and Binoo.” He keeps talking about it like he did when we saw the Wiggles.

To see that excitement and joy on my child’s face was again worth every penny spent. I am so glad we took him!


One thought on “Toopy and Binoo Live!

  1. […] child painted a Grafakiki for me on his wall. A Grafakiki is an invisible monster from the show Toopy and Binoo which we saw earlier in the week. He said he drew it just for me. He is a very sweet and thoughtful […]

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