The Old Sweater

Brian forgot to turn off his alarm this morning. I had great plans to sleep in. Adam is still sleeping and so is Brian.

I however am not. So I grabbed the work for my secret project, a coffee and sweater and headed to the deck to get some work done.

As I’m writing I looked down and noticed how ratty my sweater is starting to look.

The zipper is broken, the seams are coming apart, there are holes all over it but there is no way I can get rid of this sweater. There are way too many stories behind it.

It’s a Roots Olympic Sweater. It was actually the last year Roots made the outfits for the Olympics. It was the last set made in Canada as well. The new provider makes them overseas (stupid eh?)

I bought the track suit on my honeymoon. While shopping they were actually marked down because it was a summer Olympics and it was the fall. The price I paid was less then 50% off which was amazing. I’ve now had this sweater as long as I’ve been married.

I wore this sweater to the hospital to deliver Adam. I also wore it home.

There have been campfires and hiking trips. There have been cold winters and amazing summers. There have been bad days where I put this sweater on and had comfort.

There will be a day where this sweater will be unwearable. But until then I’ll curl up once again with it, listen to the birds, drink my coffee and do some work.

I’ll sit here and think life is good.

Life is really good.


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