Spider-Man Did It

In the mornings Adam gets out of his bed and sits on his chair to wait for us. Sometimes he plays, sometimes he reads but he keeps himself busy.

This morning I walked in to discover this –

I turned on the light for a better look and asked Adam what happened because I guarantee that wasn’t there when he went to bed.

Adam replied with “Spider-Man cut me”

He told me quite the story about him and Spider-Man and what they did last night but then when it came to the cut on his eye his bottom lip started to quiver and you could see he was upset.

When he calmed down I asked again what happened and he replied again with “Spider-Man cut me.”

In reality there are a few things I think could have happened. This morning about 1 am Adam was crying. I went into his room because his cry was his bad dream one. I didn’t turn on the light but I found him on the floor between his chair and bed.

At this point I assumed he crawled out of his bed because of a bad dream. I forgot to close his closet and he thinks monsters come out of it.

I’m honestly thinking he fell asleep on his chair last night (which has happened before) and rolled off. He could have hit his eye on a toy or on his toy box beside the chair. It’s not as exciting as fighting with Spider-Man but that is the only thing that makes sense.

We won’t tell Adam the truth, we’ll let him believe this cut is from a battle with a superhero.

He’s very convincing when he says it so maybe Spider-Man was around last night.


One thought on “Spider-Man Did It

  1. Oh no.
    It looks a little black and blue under the eye too. I hope he’s able to sleep tonight.

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