Why I’m So Confused

There is a number on the scale I said I would never go over again. I made this commitment to myself and failed. I went 6 pounds over.

People have said it’s bad for me to weigh myself as often ad I do however I am so glad I do because I have all this data now to look at. When did this happen? What was going on in my life?

I can tell you that it happened over the past 2 months. Why did it happen? Because I didn’t make eating a priority. My calendar was so jammed packed that cooking some days was not an option. I ate out or didn’t eat at all. I ate dinner at 11 p.m. And snacked as I was stressed and trying to get things done.

This week I decided to attempted to improve my eating. Things are calming down and I can take a few moments to think things through instead of grabbing whatever is in my reach and shoving it in my mouth. I told myself I would work to losing just those six pounds. I wouldn’t look or plan any further beyond that.

I’ve had a few days that I am so proud of what I ate. I had a few days where I could have improved and yesterday was just a bad day.

We are constantly bombarded with the message that eating healthy and working out will help you lose weight. I realize this doesn’t happen overnight and takes time but here is where the confusion comes in.

I eat healthy, just fruits and veggies and protein. Little to no processed foods. Everything is portioned appropriately and I even walk 5 km. Do this a few days and I should see a change right? Well 0.10 pound came off. Then another little bit came off. Alright so that is a few days and I need to attempt to keep this up, the longer I stick with it the more results I will see.

Yesterday was a bad day. I got home from work starving. I already was over my nutritional intake needs. I shouldn’t be hungry. I open the fridge and there is Kraft Dinner. Nom, Nom, Nom! Follow that up with some late late night nice cream. I ended up being way over in my sugar intake, fat and sodium. I looked at the numbers and went to bed fully expecting to feel the disappointment of failing in the morning. At work I am usually on my feet for 8 hours and I swept and mopped for 2 1/2 hours but that was the extent of my exercise for the day.

You don’t know what a good day is until you have experienced a bad day.

I stepped on the scale with my eyes closed. When I opened them I didn’t believe the number. So I stepped on it again, and actually a third time. All three times the same number came out. I lost 1.6 pounds.

Now this does not mean I am going to pig out today. I’ve already planned my meals for the day and snacks. I am going to try my best to stick to it. Sure maybe it’s a fluke and it was just water weight or something however seeing the number go down is motivating. Confusing but motivating.

The one key component I can’t wait to add into this is an activity tracker like the Jawbone Up or the Fitbit Flex. I know I am active at work but maybe it’s making more of a difference then I suspect. I’m sure it will still be a few months before I get one however I think this will really shed some light on my day to day life and help figure things out.

Only 2.4 more pounds to go. I think I’ve got at least this nasty 6 pounds beat.


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