It All Started With Diapers

I had today off from work. It doesn’t happen often that I end up with a Saturday off. Actually since the beginning of the year this is only my 4th one-off.

The plan was to let Brian sleep in while I go out to pick up some nighttime diapers for Adam as well as a new bathing suit since the one from last year is just a little tight. I sent a text to my Mom seeing if she was doing her usual shopping trip but she had other plans so I was going to head out on my own.

Until what I proposed to Brian as a stupid idea popped into my head.

I actually woke him up and asked if he would like to go shopping stateside. I haven’t been across the border in 6 years and it drives me nuts because my Dad will bring anything I ask of him back for me but I honestly don’t know what is down there to get. Brian’s eyes lit up and he said sure why not.

We are lucky enough to be only a little over an hour away from the border so it’s not that far of a trip. We were on a mission to price out diapers, get a new swimsuit and just see what there was to be seen. We weren’t on a mission to get anything big, or spend a lot of money. I decided that while we were there I would also look for the FitBit Flex which I mentioned here however I really had no real hope of finding one because to order directly from the company they are back ordered 8-10 weeks.

We started at Wal-Mart where we found $2 shorts and shirts. Can’t go wrong there, as well as $8 bathing suits so we picked those up. Diapers were $5 cheaper so we picked up a box because we were there. We looked around however we really wanted to spend time in Meijer’s because that is where my Dad stops. We found new flavours of my latest favourite drink.


They are called Daily’s and they are Wine Coolers. You put them into the freezer and they become slush and you drink them like that. Brian also found a Mike’s Hard Lemonade one so we stocked up on those. We weren’t over long enough to bring alcohol back but we decided to do it anyways. The worse case is we would have to pay duty on them. There is Bahama Mamma, Hurricane, Pina Colada, Blue Hawaiian and Pink Lemonade. I am sure well be giving my Dad and order for more of these very soon.

In both Wal-Mart and Meijers we looked for the Flex and they had all the other types of fitness bracelets but not the Flex. We went for lunch at Chili’s and then went over to Best Buy looking for it. They had tags for them but had been sold out since their first shipment a few weeks ago. We went over to the mall where there were many sports/fitness stores and I actually ended up doing a teach out to each person I spoke with about what this bracelet can do and how it compares to the Nike Fuel and the Jawbone Up. I started to wonder if people have never heard of this thing, or never read the internet because there is an awful lot of press about these things.

While we were at the Mall we made a $4 rental and I think it made the trip for Adam because he is still talking about it. Along with all the Monster’s Inc things we picked up for him. I have been waiting for the merchandise to hit Canada however it hasn’t arrived in the image_1droves it has stateside. We picked up huge stuffed characters (cheap!) as well as Monster snacks, and even Monster’s Inc Kraft Dinner. Well they call it Kraft Macaroni & Cheese but we know what it is really called.

We planned it out so the last place in the mall we would visit was Target. This store stateside I am not a huge fan of (the Canadian versions are slightly growing on me.) I never get anything there and am never overly impressed. As I was walking up and down the electronics aisles I found the other types of Fitbit products but no Flex. I was waiting for an aisle to clear when an associate asked if there was anything he could help me with. In my head I told myself I would have to explain what I was looking for again. As the request came out of my mouth, the associate said “Yes I had two earlier today, I’ll show you where they are.” I flat-out said no way, you’re lying! He took me over and there was the Fitbit Flex hanging on the  security peg. He asked me if I wanted it, and I said Plllleeeeaaasae!  He asked if I wanted to pay for it in the department and I said YEEEESSSS! The sooner it was mine the better! I had found the holy grail of this trip. The impossible to find is currently sitting on my wrist as I type.

The day off was wonderful, the time with my boys was amazing and the fact that I was able to obtain an unobtainable item make me feel awesome. We didn’t get pulled in at the border coming back and I thought for sure we would so bonus – no duty on the booze!

I can’t wait to start evaluating my activity and build it into a realistic plan for getting fit. I can’t wait to start sharing the data with everyone because the FitBit has already started to blow my mind with what it can do.

And that is how my adventure today all started with diapers.


3 thoughts on “It All Started With Diapers

  1. […] mentioned yesterday I was able to get my hands on a FitBit Flex. Last night was my first night using it and I have […]

  2. Oh Shannon. If I knew you were having such a hard time finding one I could have shipped you tons from Calgary. I too had to explain to folks here what they were. I decided that I couldn’t afford all the bells and whistles so I downsized my model.

    • This one has only been on the market for a few weeks now. The Canadian retailers don’t have it or have never heard of it. Even Best Buy won’t have it for another 3 weeks in the Canadian market. There are other models that are easily obtainable but at $99.99 for all the bells and whistles they are hard to get.

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