That Explains A LOT!

As mentioned yesterday I was able to get my hands on a FitBit Flex. Last night was my first night using it and I have already had an ah-ha moment with it.

I very often wake up tired. It’s very rarely that I wake up from sleep feeling refreshed with the birds singing. I have always assumed I’m tired because I am the Mom of a 2 year old boy, I work and well am just very busy. Most nights it feels like I am awake a few times and don’t get more than a few hours at a time but I also spent much time telling myself it’s not as bad as I was thinking.

Boy was I wrong. The FitBit Flex tracks your sleeping patterns. This morning when I woke up I was able to look at the data once the bracelet synced with my phone and after seeing what that said I ran down to my computer to look at the detailed chart on the FitBit Dashboard.

sleepThe 7 hours that I was in bed trying to sleep I was actually up 9 times! As well as I lost 20 minutes of sleep from being awake or restless that many times. This actually blew my mind this morning. I realize this is just one night of data but one night explains a lot. I am wondering if Brian came to bed after midnight. I know I did wake up when he came to bed but for the life of me I can’t remember what time it was. I also cross referenced this chart with my activity chart this morning. I didn’t get out of bed at all last night so it was quite interesting to see this –


I logged 18 steps between 12:15 & 12:30am. I know I wasn’t out of bed so I must have been very restless in my sleep or even awake tossing and turning.

Today is my first day buckling down, analyzing all my activity as well as my food intake. Today may be the turning point in my health adventure.

Even if it isn’t this things is really cool! I can’t wait to see the data at the end of the day, especially how much I actually walk and do at work. In the mean time I think the data scientifically justifies a coffee this morning.


2 thoughts on “That Explains A LOT!

  1. HI Shannon, I have the fitbit zip (No sleep patterns for me) but it is amazing to see just how much or how little you actually do in a day. The first few days I barely made the suggested step count but now I am surpassing it with great strides. Its also nice to track the calories in and out. In one week I have noticed a great deal of change in my habits. Hope yours works as well for you.

    • That is awesome to hear. I am always saying how busy and active I think I am so this will really either confirm what I think or put me into reality. I know the step count on days I work will be blown out of the water because I work in a big box retailer. There is practically no sitting for me! I also have mine linked up with MyFitnessPal which I have been using on and off for a while now. I think with the two things combined I can make some major improvements in my life.

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