The Movie Meltdown

Most days after lunch Adam and I have cuddle time. We crawl into my bed and watch part of a movie or a TV show. It gives us some downtime before the afternoon nap and I can still get some nice cuddles.

We watch a huge assortment of things but there are so many movies Adam hasn’t seen. I’ve been trying to focus on Disney movies so when it comes time for our trip he’ll recognize the characters. A few weeks ago I showed him Wall-E and he loves that. Monsters Inc is a huge one and we’re planning on taking Adam to the theatre to see the new one.

Today I thought we would try The Lion King.

Adam was quite excited for the first song. All the animals walking was just delightful to him. Then this happened –

For those who don’t know the movie at the beginning all the animals gather to see the new child of the pride leader. Rafiki who is considered an elder comes and takes the baby cub and holds him up for all to see.

It was at this point the sobbing started, the huge tears started to roll down Adam’s eyes and the job to figure out what was wrong started.

Adam was upset because the “monkey took baby lion-tiger”. He snuggled in closer as I tried to calm him down. That scene was over and then it went to Scar catching a mouse to eat.

Well that just made the sobbing worse because the “lion no eat mousey”. The mouse does get away but that was no consolation to Adam. As the tears came down in bigger drops I asked if he would like me to turn it off.

He replied with “turn off movie” with big sad sobs.

So maybe I forgot how traumatic The Lion King was. I’m thinking maybe we’ll try The Lion King 1 1/2 because it’s not so serious and Timon and Pumbaa are fantastic characters.

Mark this down as another traumatic experience Adam can tell his shrink when he grows up.


One thought on “The Movie Meltdown

  1. Aww!! What a sensitive guy you’ve got there! ❤

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