Review: Zoo

Zoo by James Patterson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The dust cover of this book declared Zoo as “James Patterson’s best work ever.”

I rate it as “meh”

The story line was one with much potential. The animals of the world are unexpectantly attacking humans. They are changing they way they behave and around the world have started to create packs and take over civilization. The main character Jackson Oz has been trying to warn the world that these events were happening and getting worse over time.

I found the first half of the book slightly boring. The second half was excellent and the ending made me want to burn the book. The ideas were plausible when it comes to scientific stories. There was one part of the book where it skips over five years of time which in an environmental meltdown seemed like forever.

I personally wish the book started about half way to 3/4 through and then focused on what happened, the solution and the world after the height of the attacks.

I’m starting to feel like James Patterson is losing his touch. His books are quick easy reads however they are becoming more and more lackluster compared to the books that first caught my attention.

I have two other James Patterson books on my potential books of this year however for my next book I’ll put him on the back burner.

I really want to rate this book higher however I’m afraid I just can’t do it.

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