Teaching My Son To Lie

Today was a very important day in Adam’s life. Today was the day I was going to teach him to lie.

Why would you do such a funny thing you may ask. Don’t you want an honest little boy?

The answer to that is yes. . .

with the exception to the truth of how big that fish I caught was.

Today was Adam’s very first fishing trip with Grand’s (and I of course). Last year we went on the boat once. Quite disappointing so I wasn’t sure how Adam would react. Would Adam love the boat, be bored with fishing and would he listen?

We’ll start with the boat –

IMG_4943HE LOVED THE BOAT! Maybe it was also the fact that Grand’s let him drive the boat all by himself too. Adam didn’t fight wearing a life jacket. He gladly put it on. He sat and listened to everything we had to say. He loved to steer the boat in the water. He even was able to sit up on the grey area for a better look. We actually spent over 2 hours on the lake today which was amazing, because fishing can get pretty boring at times.

IMG_4946Adam even caught a fish all on his own. He was excited when we brought it out of the water but not wild when we got it close. He had no interest in touching it. After the first fish he was actually pretty content to watch Grand’s and I fish and then tell us to catch more and put them in the cooler. I on the other hand don’t mind touching or showing off the fish I get.

IMG_4951I win biggest fish of the day! I think that was actually the largest fish I’ve ever gotten in my life! My Dad was convinced I had snagged when I was fighting him and I swear my pole was going to break but I got him in the boat and to be honest he’s now sitting in my fridge waiting to be cooked up. Sorry about that fish. (No not really)

This next photo I title “Wasting Away in Margaritaville”

IMG_4953Only because I won’t tell you what is exactly in his cup. . .

And this photo sums up the day –



Later in the day Adam also discovered that Grand’s just can’t have one of anything. After driving Grand’s big boat he had a chance to sit in Grand’s little boat.

photo (1)Unfortunately mechanical issues prevented us from going for a ride in the little boat but sitting in it pretending to drive was just as much of a thrill as a ride would have been. We have to save something new and exciting for next time.

As for teaching him to lie – that didn’t go over well. As we are telling people about our day and I ask did we catch big fish? Adam looks and says “no, we caught lots little fish”    When I hold my hands apart to show the size he says no smaller.

At least there is photo evidence of the fish sizes.

It was a wonderful day and knowing that Adam enjoyed himself so much we will have to plan another day like it soon. And in all honesty – I miss fishing.

It seems fitting to quote an old proverb about fishing.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit on a boat and drink beer all day.

There was no alcohol consumed on this trip by the adults. As for what was in Adam’s cup, you’ll have to ask him directly






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