Balancing Independence and my Sanity

We’re going through a phase right now. It’s a phase I am loving and hating at the same time.

Adam is discovering he can do many daily things on his own. He can get a cup from the cupboard and then open the fridge and get himself a drink of water. He can get a snack on his own and even yesterday he served up a bowl of Hot Tamales for me and one for him. He soon discovered they were hot and didn’t like them and well I hate them to begin with.

This is a fantastic time in Adam’s life. He’s learning he can do things on his own. I feel better knowing that if I fell down the stairs and knocked myself unconscious that Adam would at least stay hydrated and fed until someone found me.

He’s also so proud and confident when he does these things on his own. I love the look on his face and when he’s done a task the huge hug that ensues with the exclamation of “I DID IT!”

Where I start to lose my sanity is the mess that occurs with these outbursts of independence. The fridge is left open and the nozzle from the water container flooding my kitchen. Soap all over the bathroom and the food package that seemed to have a bomb hidden in the middle. I will give Adam credit for running to me and stating “Mommy – clean up mess!” and occasionally he helps but usually I’m on my own.

The amount of work that I am doing to just keep on top of these messes is starting to make me crazy.

Who knew independence was such a messy thing.


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