If Shopping was a Sport

If shopping was a sport my Mom would be a world recognized athlete with more medals then she could carry around her neck.

This weekend would have been considered her Super Bowl of the shopping season and in my opinion she won gold, took home the trophy or whatever comparison you want to make.


It was Christmas in July for us and well, we won’t have to buy Adam clothes for the rest of this summer and probably not next summer either.

My Mom scored 12 shirts, 10 pairs of shorts, 1 coordinating outfit, 2 pairs of pajamas and 4 pairs of shoes. There is also candy, snacks and toys in the photo too.

It’s a lot of stuff, it’s a lot of brand name stuff like Nike, Oshkosh, Crocks and Sperry Topsiders. My Mom must have spent a fortune on this haul.

Nope, she scored all of this for under $200. Not possible you say?


When items are priced at $16.00 marked down to $1.99 with an additional 15% off it is absolutely possible. The clothes most of them were priced between $1.69 – $8, with the majority of them being in the $1.69-$3.99 range. The shoes were a little more expensive but when you can score $60 shoes for $20 or less then it’s almost like winning the lottery.

Adam woke up this morning and the first thing he asked for was his new Monster Crocs. The clothes are in the laundry now so they can enter the rotation as soon as possible.

I’m going to have the best dressed kid this summer and next summer too!

All thanks to my Mom and her love of shopping.


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