The Early Bird Does NOT Get the Worm

Thursday – 4:30 am
Friday – 3:45 am
This Morning – 3:30 am

We have a slight situation and a pattern developing that I really don’t like. These are the times that Adam has been waking up.

On Thursday it started with his light turning on and then the monitor beeping. He turned off the base station so the one near my head would make noise. I went into his room and asked him what was wrong. He replied with “turn off monitor, wake up Mommy.”

Damn, my kid is smart. I explained to him that is was time to sleep. I tucked him back in, turned off the light, the radio went back on and back to bed I went.

The light stayed off for a whole 5 minutes before it went back on. The monitor again was turned off.

The second night it happened when I went I to his room he appeared to still be asleep. He didn’t say anything but he was sitting up in his bed. The thought crossed my mind that he might be a sleep walker. Again I tucked him in but the light came on again within 5 minutes.

After the light comes on he’s so quiet. I’m not sure if he’s falling asleep again or if he’s just sitting on his bed reading or playing. I’ve been avoiding going into the room multiple times because it’ll become a game but I am concerned for his safety. A quite child usually means trouble.

Then poses the question why isn’t he sleeping through anymore? I could move the monitor up high or the switch to the lamp but then I’d be challenging him to climb to reach them. Again not a safe solution.

We have been pricing out wireless cameras as well as baby monitors with cameras on them. It seems late in the game to be upgrading our baby monitor however the piece of mind it would bring if I could visually check in on Adam would be well worth the money I believe. And honestly curiosity is getting the best of me. What the heck is he doing?

I am losing sleep over this. When he wakes up so early I usually just doze or lay in bed. Because I can’t confirm he’s asleep I need to be ready to intervene. An hour alone unsupervised his in room awake I think is acceptable. Expecting him to entertain himself for 4 hours is a little much.

He’s always been good at putting himself to sleep if he wakes up, or finding something of comfort and rolling back over. There are the odd times we have to intervene but that is normal and expected at this age.

I’m hoping this is a blip in his sleep patterns and fixes itself very soon.


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