What Would You Do?


So you’re on your way to the store and your child falls asleep. What would you do? The temperature is currently 34 degrees Celsius, for my American readers that is 109 F.

I choose to sit in the car with the air running and let Adam take a bit of a nap. I’m wasting gas and polluting the environment but that is the best choice right now (besides waking him up).

Apparently I’m in the minority because in my city there seems to be an upswing in parents leaving their kids in the car with the windows cracked.

I don’t care who you are or what you are doing but nothing is so important that you have to leave your child in the car.

What really terrifies me is that the authorities are letting these people take their children home while they are investigating.

What is this world coming to? I’m very quickly losing faith in humanity. We’re in trouble.

On the same weekend that the police were in the plaza were I worked and a Mother left her child in the car for 30 minutes to go shop I was helping a young mother load a 46″ TV into her car.

When the TV didn’t fit she suggested that I rest the TV flat on top of the car seat holding her maybe 3 month old baby. I politely pointed out that this could cause serious injury to her daughter especially since she was driving an hour away.

She responded with a very ditzy “oh yeah”.

I also refused to let her leave with the TV unless she retuned with a larger vehicle that would provide safer transport.

Parents priorities are shopping and TVs.

I guess my reoccurring nightmares of Children’s Aid taking Adam away will finally stop. I think they have their hands full.


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