Can I Have A Do-Over?

I took this past week off because I needed a break. Brian was on vacation so it was decided we needed some rest and relaxation.

This week was anything but that for me. It wasn’t all bad but I am sitting here wishing it was all different. I am exhausted even more then before. I am way behind in everything I need to do because the routine was disrupted and I am bitter that I made sure that Brian had lots of time to relax and enjoy yet the same courtesy was not extended to me.

The fun events included a road trip to Port Huron for some shopping, a ride on Grand’s Boat and Brian’s birthday BBQ. We also went to the park to play a few times.

The not so fun events were a very serious case of food poisoning which knocked me out of commission for a day.  I had to turn down what could have been a fabulous job offer if it had paid more money, sleeping in was not an option this week and my dentist is retiring (this is a huge issue for me).

I wanted to get some basic things done like reading a book and making Adam a superman cape. I needed to work on a video and much work on my secret project. These things did not get done.

I am disappointed with how the week turned out. I have discovered no matter how hard a Mom tries to carve out time for herself it just is never going to happen. Even as I type this Adam is tearing apart the area of my office I just cleaned in hopes of working on the cape when he naps.

I seriously need a do-over of this week. The unfortunate thing is my next week off is scheduled in February of 2014. I only have to keep my sanity for another 7 months before I can try this rest and relaxation thing again.


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