A Day At Home

Adam has developed a runny nose. He’s mentioned his head was “owie” so I decided we would just try and have a quiet day in the house to rest and maybe have him feel better. So what did we do?

We took apart the PlayStation 3. After receiving the yellow light of death Adam and I tired to breathe new life into it however it’s “as dead as a door nail”. We’re looking at replacement options now and this will have to be done because we use the PS3 for all DVD and Netflix viewing. It’s been a challenge telling Adam we can’t watch things on the “big TV”.

So in an attempt to cheer Adam up we rocked out. He was quite happy for a while.

After lunch we rested and played in bed.

Adam woke up and insisted we watched VR Troopers. He showed me his moves by jumping and doing flips on the pillows.

And then when he was tired he flopped on the pillows and watched the show.

We’ll be having dinner tonight then I’ll be off to work. It’s been a pretty quiet day around here by our standards.


3 thoughts on “A Day At Home

  1. We, ourselves, just got back from the doctor. We will also be having a quiet day. Looks like yours was a fun quiet day. 🙂

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