Sick of Studies

I’m going to be blunt – I’m sick of medical studies.

I understand they are necessary and the advancements in medicine have been amazing. Many people have had their lives saved by medicine, those who didn’t have had their quality of life improved greatly during their last days.

As I sort through the various news feeds sipping my hot chocolate it appears that according to studies I have given my child a death sentence.

studies show children who are born to obese women are more likely to die younger

researchers show link between autism and induction of labour

We’re bombarded daily with things like allergies, diabetes, asthma, autism, heart disease, obesity.

Then there are genetics to take into consideration to.

I’m not a medical professional so I take things with a grain of salt. What the medical studies say today will be different tomorrow.

I do research what interests me and what might effect us however when it comes to life and health there is only so much you can do.

Perfectly healthy people collapse and die from heart attacks, unhealthy people live to be 100. Sometimes it’s the other way around.

There are times I wonder if the human race has become too smart for our own good.

In the mean time I’ll keep apologizing to my amazingly smart and healthy boy.

Because according to the studies I’ve made all the wrong choices.


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