So This Could Really Happen! – Coffee with the Wiggles

Back in May I started an operation called Wiggle Coffee (I really need to come up with a new name for this mission). I had blogged about wanting to have coffee with the Wiggles. You can read about the origins of it here.

The Wiggles will be here in a months time. We have our tickets for the show and I’ve been trying to figure out how I go about arranging this. I was thinking of contacting the radio stations, then I would probably have to contact the Wiggles’ publicist and go through all these channels. Not sure where to start I re-tweeted my blog and of course tagged Anthony (the Blue Wiggle). This is what came of it –



Yes I was tweeting at work – sorry boss but we have our priorities you know.

The black coffee will be on me and I will buy coffee for everyone! There is a glimmer of this could actually happen. I asked Adam if he would like to have coffee with The Wiggles and he said yes. He promptly went back to playing with his toys but lets be honest, I’m just using my two year old son to justify meeting them myself. However I am sure if Anthony could juggle and sing the juggling song Adam would be pleased. (He makes me sing it all the time and I can’t juggle!)

So last night was an awesome night. My co-workers loved reading the tweets and discussing possibilities. I had a co-worker suggest a flash mob at the store involving the Wiggles. The sales manager said it would be fine because he was off that day and wouldn’t have to make the decision if it was acceptable or not.

I’ll just settle for coffee, a chat and a photo op with the Wiggles!

Hot Potato! As Anthony said this will be fun.

So far it already has been.

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One thought on “So This Could Really Happen! – Coffee with the Wiggles

  1. Yes! Anthony is very awesome!!

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