Life Isn’t That Bad

I woke up this morning feeling blah. I’m exhausted from working and deflated from searching for a new job. I am sure I am coming down with a cold and just want to crawl into bed.

On the job front there is a conflict of what my employer wants me to work and what I can work. You would think that after 9 years of service they would possibly make an exception for me as the conflict is over a mere 2 hours a week. However I understand their answer, if they make an exception for one person they have to do so for everyone. It doesn’t make it easier to swallow and I thought the quality of work and time spent there would count for something but it doesn’t.

This puts me into searching for a job again. I hate this process. It often leaves me questioning everything I have ever done and am planing to do. When I don’t get a call from a job I apply to I wonder if I am over qualified or what is making me not appealing to prospective employers. I have had one job offer however financially it didn’t make sense to take.

I’m feeling really deflated because a place that would be perfect called me and I had an interview. The interview at the time I thought went awesome. The manager had discussed the training schedule and how we would work around needing to give my current employer the required notice. I thought for sure I had this job in the bag but it’s now a week later and I have not heard anything. Yes I have done the appropriate follow ups however the glimmer of hope and excitement that was there is gone. I’ve started to micro-analyze everything about the interview trying to figure out where I messed up because I know I interview very well.

The job market in the city I live in is really bad. Unemployment is high, there are many over qualified people trying to get any job at all having many local factories shut down in the past few years. I still have a job and I am thankful for that. I am in a position that I can wait for the right opportunity to come up and then make my move. I hope it stays that way.

Really it’s just a job, it’s just money and honestly I think it is their loss because I would have been able to breathe some new ideas into a place that is going through changes. I felt better knowing that they don’t know what they missed out on.

Life got better when Anthony Wiggle followed me on Twitter and offered to treat ME to coffee with the entire Wiggle crew. I can’t tell you how floored I am with this proposition.

Then I was following up on my secret project (which I may share with you at the end of the year) and to know what I have accomplished so far and what I am working towards is satisfying.

I got thinking about life and I remembered work is a rubber ball. So maybe work isn’t going the way I want or planned but everything else in life is going awesome. I’m being presented with once in a lifetime opportunities. I am surrounded by awesome people – like those who have extra tickets to concerts and think of me and those who love me in all my moods.

Turns out life isn’t bad after all.


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