Review: Momzillas

Momzillas by Jill Kargman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I confess, I loved this book.

I was expecting a light easy summer read which I found however as I read the book I found myself relating and feeling for the main character Hannah more than I expected to. Hannah finds herself moving across the country with her husband to New York and suddenly finds herself immersed in a different culture of parenting then she is use to. She finds herself batting against what she believes to be best for her family and what society expects of her.

This is where I really related to Hannah. I use to have a hard time relating to other Mom’s and at times I still do. We are constantly comparing ourselves to each other and to what people have done before us.

The women in this book are uptown New Yorkers with chauffeurs and nannies whom get messages and manicures weekly, as well as hop onto private jets to exotic places all over the world. I know there are women like that in this world having watched the show Pregnant in Heels and wanted to throw something through the TV.

I also found myself laughing hysterically at The Wiggles references as I came across it on the same day that Anthony Wiggle followed me on Twitter and we discussed a meeting when they are in town for a coffee. (True story!)

The main message of the book to be true to yourself and the rest will fall into place, by being true to yourself you will attract others just like you is so very true and it was shocking to have the book end with such a strong message.

It was a great summer read. Even if you don’t have children or can’t relate it’s an interesting look into how some people live. Yes this is a work of fiction but some of the stuff is so outrageous you know there is a speck of truth behind it.

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