From Angel to Monster

3078_editLooking at this picture I think of what an angel Adam can be. He’s usually an easy-going kid. He tends to be agreeable or at least negotiable. He is usually a good listener (of course with the odd testing of the boundaries but that is expected at almost 3 years old). He often asks if “Mommy alright?” or is always showering me with affection.

Over the past week, maybe a wee bit longer this wonderful little boy that I have been so lucky to have in my life has been nothing short of a monster.

He makes these growling sounds like he has been taken over by a demon when he get frustrated. He’s throwing, hitting and screaming at the top of his lungs. Everything is a wrestling fight resulting in bruises to both parties.

There are times when I can’t keep a straight face because his reactions are so not proportional and flat-out funny. Then other days it’s to the point where I just want to leave him throwing a fit and never come back.

We’ve honestly been lucky when it comes to the terrible twos. We’re a few months shy of 3 and started to think we dodged a bullet. Maybe we missed the terrible twos but we are looking head on to what may be the terrifying threes?

It’s just a phase and we have to work with Adam to use his words and talk out what he wants, why he wants it and why he is so angry. Time outs are becoming more common for both Adam and Mommy.

The problem is he goes from this screaming terrifying monster back to my angel in about 6 nanoseconds.

These are the times that parents seem to forget about and never warn new parents about. (Granted my Mom is always telling me of how testing I was. . . thanks Mom!)

As evil as he was this morning when it came to story time, he turned back into my Angel and we cuddled and all was good again.

At least until he wakes up from his nap.

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