T-Minus One Year (Give or Take)

Today is the first day of school. Facebook and Twitter are smeared with photos of children who are going to school today. First day of JK, various grades and even photos of University and College student cards.

It’s an exciting day. It’s exciting for the children, it’s exciting for the parents and it’s exciting for those starting new ventures in higher education.

Honestly it’s a day that I am starting to dread even-though I don’t have to deal with it for another year.

Next September Adam will be starting full day Junior Kindergarten. Registration for this life event is in a short 5 months. He’s ready to go. If he could go to school today he would be out the door before I even got my shoes on.

I am not ready for this. I know that day I will be a blubbering mess. I will be so happy for Adam because he will be so excited to finally go to the school he’s been asking to go to for the past year. I will be sad for myself because my house will be empty and I will have time on my hands. My buddy that I have spent almost everyday with for 3 years at that time will be off making new friends, learning new things and putting the growing process into high gear.

I know I will be fine. I have things planned and the idea of cleaning the house without Adam trying to help is a pleasant idea. The thought of cashing in banked me time for scrapbooking and taking a deep breath which sometimes has been hard is exciting to me.

I know Adam will be fine no matter how much the idea does in fact scare me. He won’t even be 4 years old when he starts. I wish the government didn’t change the program to full days and still kept it half days. I think full days might be too much but again some important doctor made the decision to implement the program. I can choose to put Adam in half days however I think he will thrive in a school environment as I am having a hard time some days keeping him busy and entertained.

Thankfully I still have a year before I really have to share Adam with the world. I still have a year of story time and cuddle time. A year of walks and freedom before I have to let him go.

As much of a monster he can be, and how messy he can be, days at home won’t be the same.

Everyone who has had children has gone through this. We’ll survive and be just fine.

Maybe after a good cry and a bowl of ice cream.


One thought on “T-Minus One Year (Give or Take)

  1. Shannon, my three-year-old is in full back-to-school mode over here. He actually started back in January and has been in school all these months, even during the summer, but this week was his official school year start. He seems to enjoy it although I would say he probably prefers being home with us lol. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of things to do once your kiddo goes to school!

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