The Joy of Reading

No matter how bad the day has been, or how much Adam and I were at odds the one thing that will always make the day OK is reading. We have a few favourite books right now. He loves One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish and Blue Fish, Green Eggs and Ham and Hop on Pop. Adam loves the Scaredy Squirrel series (check it out if you haven’t heard of it). But the number one favourite book right now is Bad Kitty.



When my mother in law retired teaching we came across this book and an older novel type book featuring Bad Kitty. This is basically a fun A-B-C book going though healthy foods and a cat’s favourite foods. It goes through all the bad things kitty does when she gets bad food in her eyes then how she fixes it when she gets good food. The version we have is the one with bite marks out of it which made me love it even before I opened the book.

What is so special about this book is Adam can “read” it almost entirely on his own. (Ok so he’s memorized it because we’ve read it so much or he recognizes the pictures but it still tickles me inside)

I apologize there is nothing but audio in this video but Adam was holding my phone as we were reading.




I’m hoping that I can keep Adam interested in reading. We try to read everyday, I’ve also started to read chapter books to Adam. Some days we only get a page but other days we can get a whole chapter done. This is a fantastic way to curl up, have some quiet cuddle time and spend some quality time together.

I don’t want Adam to grow up too fast but I am looking forward to when he can read to me and we can share some wonderful stories together. He doesn’t know it yet but I have quite the collection of exciting books put away for him. I just wish I had taken more when my Mother in Law retired.


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