The Wiggles Made Me Cry

To say the past two days have been exciting is an understatement. It all started with offering to buy Anthony a coffee. To actually having coffee with The Wiggles. Then today ballooned into something even more amazing.

photo (12)

As we waited for a special photo opportunity before the show I was brought to tears. As Niko walked by us (we had coffee with him yesterday) he asked where we were sitting so he could try to wave to us. I told him we were up in the balcony. I had purchased balcony seats during a pre-sale because honestly the price was too good to pass up.

Shortly after he went behind the double doors, the tour manager Jen came up to us and gave me 4 new tickets, upgraded to the VIP section 6 rows from the stage. I don’t know who’s doing exactly it was but I started to cry. The generosity of this group is beyond me. I can’t say enough amazing things about them because I truly believe this is who they really are. I don’t think you can fake this much kindness even if you tried.

As we waited for yet another special arrangement; a photo with The Wiggles before they went on stage I had to calm down because I really didn’t want red eyes for that photo. I stood there wondering how I could be so lucky and looking at Adam thinking if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

It was time for a quick photo before the show. They greeted me with big hugs and huge smiles. Even Nana and Gramma got in on the Wiggly Action.



How fantastic it that. (I was so eager to write this blog that I didn’t crop or adjust the photos at all!) We said thank you so much and took our seats. Adam was quite as usual and you can’t tell by the look on his face he was actually so excited and happy to be there. The show started and what a show it was.

The Wiggles ended up performing for well over an hour. They played many of their old songs and all of my personal favourite new songs. The kids in the audience were dancing, they were trying to wave and acknowledge as many people in the audience as possible. They personalized the show to our city so much and it was delightful, and a lot of mentions of maple syrup so my gift to them yesterday was fitting.

When we had coffee yesterday with them Anthony mentioned it was a very different show to the one last year. It was a much smaller scale show. There were less performers, smaller props and no big red car however I actually enjoyed this new show more! It was more intimate and because of the less of everything – everyone had to be more entertaining and that they were. It was a high energy show, always something to look at. Colourful and wonderful. They collected roses for Dorothy, Bones for Wags and came out to shake hands and snap some photos with those in the crowd.

The performers consisted of The Wiggles (of course) Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony. Captain Feathersword was as entertaining as always. But we very often forget the supporting people. Caterina, Lauren and Niko are just as amazing as The Wiggles themselves. They are able to step up and play any instrument, they dance and sing as hard as The Wiggles and they are the ones disappearing from stage while Dorothy, Wags and Henry suddenly appear. Lauren and Niko joined us for coffee yesterday and they are as sweet as Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony.

wiggles montage


I took over 400 photos so to choose the best is very hard and could take me a week! These are my quick pick favourites. As for if Adam enjoyed the show, I’ll let you be the judge of that –



Thanks to Gramma for taking probably hundreds of photos of Adam to capture his reactions to the show.

As I sit and type this The Wiggles are on their way to the next city. They’ll be sleeping (or trying to) on the bus and I am so thankful that I got to meet them and give them hugs. My Thank You’s seem un-proportionate to how appreciative I am. I appreciate how kind you were to us and how happy you made not only Adam but myself as well. I know the first things out of Adam’s mouth tomorrow morning will be related to The Wiggles.

I Thank You for not only the events of the past two days but also for creating such fantastic music. For producing TV shows, CDs and DVDs which take the pressure of parenting off me even if it is only for a short time. I am looking forward to seeing my local landmarks in the next DVD and I will be checking the shelves weekly for it (however I somewhat know what it takes to put it all together so I am assuming I’ll see it next year)

As we left our quick photo opportunity and said our good-byes Anthony said – see you next year.

I really hope our paths cross again next time you guys are in town, be it next year or whenever that day may be.

Safe Travels! Until we meet again.

My respect and admiration for you has grown deeper then it was before, and I didn’t think that was possible.

And next time I really am going to buy the coffee. It feels like the least that I can do.


3 thoughts on “The Wiggles Made Me Cry

  1. OH Shannan that is just tooo awesome!! I am so happy you had fun!

  2. I wanted to ask … did you see them after that?

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