Shame on Home Depot

Last week I had the opportunity to do a phone interview with Home Depot. They had called to interview me for a cashier position.

As the interview progressed it became apparent that my availability for cashier didn’t meet what they were looking for. I completely understand and respect this having worked in retail for over 10 years now I can appreciate there are needs the business has to fulfil.

What really angered me came next.

I pointed out that I had also applied for the Merchandise Execution Team. My hours and experience met those requirements perfectly.

I was then told by the interviewer that “I would not be interested in that position because it involved heavy lifting, trucks and skids.”

I was appalled because it’s 2013 and you can’t say that to anyone. It’s actually an infraction of my right to equal opportunity and I actually have quite the case if I want to and choose to take it to the Human Rights Tribunal.

If Home Depot actually looked at my resume instead of relying on computers to analyze them they would find that I am doing that exact job at my current employer.

Lowes one of their major competitors also interviewed me for an identical position however I couldn’t make those hours work. I also have an open invitation to call the manager if my situation changes because they would like to have me on the team.

Within 3 hours of this comment being made I had sent an e-mail to Home Depot. It has been 7 days and there hasn’t been a response from them.

I’m shocked that here hasn’t been a response because this is a serious situation. It reflects poorly on them as an employer and as a loyal customer I am seriously considering where I am going to make my purchases from in the future.

I am very disappointed in Home Depot as a company. I was very excited for even just the opportunity to interview with them. I have waited 7 days for a response to give them a fair chance to have an open conversation about what happened.

It’s apparent it’s a conversation they do not want to have.

I will not ask anyone to boycott or retaliate against Home Depot. You are free to spend your money where you wish.

I just ask that you share this story. It’s shameful behaviour on the part of a big box store and who knows how many other well qualified people have been overlooked when applying to Home Depot.

Home Depot you need to re-evaluate your hiring practices.

As for my job search I am no longer interested in working for you. My current employer has accommodated my needs and is happy to keep me.


6 thoughts on “Shame on Home Depot

  1. I can understand your displeasure with the way this situation was handled. However I would like to highlight the fact that ‘a person’ did this to you and not Home Depot as a company. Direct your attention to the interviewer who was the idiot.

    That being said, if you contacted the company as a whole to deal with this issue and there has been no response. That is a bit of a different story.

    • Thanks for commenting Steve.

      I agree that the interviewer should have never said that. I sat on this for a week having sent a letter to human resources and the president of the company and have had no response.

      If this is a company wide attitude or just an interviewers attitude, I do not know but it reflects poorly as a whole.

      A simple response stating we agree and we will look into it or we apologize for your experience would suffice. I personally know never to apply there for employment again but the silence from them is deafening.

      If I had gotten a response I wouldn’t have written this post and chalked it up to a bad interview experience.

      Ignoring a complaint or concern never makes it go away.

  2. It is so unfortunate that things like that can happen. As someone who is also looking for a job I think what is unfortunate is that the internet and electronic resume’s are ruining a lot of people from getting good jobs.

    • It has been so hard here. I am in a city with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. I am also only looking for evening, weekend and overnight work which is impossible to find unless I want a temporary part time job paying minimum wage. Those who have not been looking for a job really don’t get it. I did have a great conversation with Home Deopts HR department and am going to blog about that tomorrow.

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