My Secret Project

This year I started on a secret project. I was going to keep a secret for longer however people are finding out and others are wondering why I am so frazzled.

I started taking continuing education courses. I am looking at completing a 2 year degree in Accounting. I am quite excited for this because I have an idea that I may or may not pursue after achieving this. I am going to take between 3 and 4 years to complete the degree. Right now I am able to take almost half of the courses required at home during my “spare” time. My first series of credits I obtained earlier this year are valid for 7 years so I have some cushion space to work on this goal.

I didn’t want to share this because it puts a lot of pressure on me and I didn’t want the added pressure of answering questions like “why don’t you just go to school full-time?”, “why are you taking so long to do it?” and being compared to the supermom who does school full-time and work full-time drives me up the wall.

I am also frazzled because I am taking a math course right now. I had set out to complete all of my courses with a 4.2 GPA. The reality is I am going to have to kiss that goal goodbye because I was never good in Algebra in High School and I still am horrible at it. I just squeaked out a 55% on my first test. On the plus side I passed, on the downside Algebra is not for me. This also brings up the question by people – if you suck at math so much why are you going into accounting.

I don’t suck at all math but when you give me a question like 15 +5(x-10) = 3(x-1) I’m going to mess it up, no matter how many videos I watch, how many people try to teach me. Math like this doesn’t stick. I have put hours and hours into studying and doing work book questions and no matter how hard I try or how much I research it doesn’t stick. The flip side is if you give me 150 receipts to add up and analyze I can do that with one eye closed.

Accounting is about the numbers but it is also about being detail oriented, and very particular about your work. You have to have an analytically based mind and all of the other traits I excel in and makes up for my lack of skills in algebra. So far in my life the only time I have ever had to divide a fraction is when it comes to serving the Thanksgiving pie.

Speaking of pie I could go for one right now. Maybe ease the pain of that 55% score I just got.

3 thoughts on “My Secret Project

  1. Good for you! That is so admirable and I wish you every success! It’s so hard for moms to do anything for themselves with what little free time we have, and to spend that time doing something so valuable such as obtaining an accounting degree is such a great feat! Kudos 🙂 You know what’s funny? I loved algebra but I couldn’t grasp accounting. I could never get the numbers to add up at the bottom of that damn line. I’m so lame, I solved the question… x=16, lol. Post your homework and I’ll try to do as much as I can, haha! 🙂

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