The Great Camera Debate

I have been having a great camera debate for a few months now with many people who I talk to. It’s perfect timing too as The Rookie Dad has also touched on this subject.

Brian and I have been discussing which camera or cameras I should bring with us on our trip. I started off with the argument that I was going to bring all my cameras. My collection includes

  • Nikon D90
  • Canon SX270
  • Olympus TG-320
  • My iPhone

Yes I included my iPhone in the collection because I take a surprising amount of photos with it, and I have captured some pretty good photos as well. I am surrounded by many talented photographers, retired photographers and people who are interested in photography. I have had this conversations with so many people and the outcome is very different.

Those who take photography very seriously say take only my DSLR. Parents say only take the point and shoot. I have a few people who have said take everything just in case.

I personally keep coming back to a quote a very talented man in photography said to me. “The best camera is the one you have in your hands when you need it.”

This really has gotten me thinking differently about photography and the photos I take. You can take an amazing photo with ANY camera if you know how to use it. Sometimes photography is part luck too. Being in the right place, at the right time in the right conditions. Yes you can control a lot with your camera, but you can’t control EVERYTHING.

So here is what I am thinking lately. The pros and cons of each –

Nikon D90 – Pros: Fast, controllable, high quality. Cons: Size and weight, accessories to be carried with it, lens options. The Nikon D90 is a great camera. I have taken many amazing photos with it. It has the most versatility of all my cameras when it comes to controllable settings. For animals and action this is the camera I will want to use. However the downside to this is my current lens selection. I have an 18-55 mm lens and a 55-200 mm lens as well as a 50mm lens. When I am taking photos of the animals I will want the 55-200 mm lens on. I will get great photos of the animals however if I want to capture the look on Adam’s face who will be sitting beside me on the rides I will not be able to capture that moment. It will require a lens change and well that moment is gone. Then I’ll have to quickly change back to the zoom lens for the next animal. This will also be the ideal camera for the fireworks however then it also requires carrying a tripod with you. My camera with lens, battery and flash weighs almost 7lbs, not including my gear bag. I really feel like carrying this weight around with me all day with make me even more tired and I will honestly miss out on some great opportunities.

Point and Shoot – Pros: Small, compact, versatile.  Cons: Not as controllable, can be slow to focus. I have lumped my other cameras into point and shoot. I know I will not get the same quality and type of photos that my DSLR can however I think this is the more ideal camera for this trip. Sure an amazing photo of an animal will be nice but this trip is about capturing moments. Adam and I dancing. Adam riding on Daddy’s shoulders. I want to be able to enjoy the trip. I will be able to take a photo of Adam and then quickly zoom into what he was looking at to get that smile on his face.

I still have lots of time to decide what camera I am going to use for my trip or if I am going to take and use all of them.

I keep asking myself Do I want to Hold a Camera or Do I want to Hold my Son’s Hand?

To make this fun and to maybe prove a point or have my theory that a great picture can be taken with any camera disproven I am putting a photo challenge out there. I have put together several similar photos in a college. I want to see if people can really tell the difference between the photos taken with a DSLR, Point and Shoot or iPhone Camera.

To participate in The Photography Challenge click here!


One thought on “The Great Camera Debate

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