The Photography Challenge

So here it is. The Photography Challenge. Please answer and vote for every photo. In a week or two I will post the results of what people thought, as well as what camera I took each photo with. I apologize for all the scrolling however I have yet to figure out how to bring 2 voting boxes into the same line and I have been trying to fix it for a week now. Some people were with me when I took these photos so they will know what camera I used, but still feel free to vote. Lets have some fun and see if my theory I mentioned in The Great Camera Debate is correct or not. Feel free in the comment section below to start a discussion or ask questions or make comments on any of the photos. I know many people out there have cameras and have different theories on photography. Feel free to share this as well on Facebook and Twitter. The more people involved the more interesting the results.

Each photo was in fact taken with either a DSLR, a Point and Shoot camera or the camera on my iPhone. They are all cameras I have personally owned and with the exception of one photo I personally took them all. Some of them have been edited along the way and some of them have been left in their raw state. When it comes to editing however I try to do as little as possible to the photos. When I post the results I will explain what was done to the photo if anything.








2 thoughts on “The Photography Challenge

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