Crap for Cupcakes

Did I catch your attention? Seems like a simple concept right? Crap and get a cupcake!

This idea came to me as Adam was begging me for a cupcake. Why not exploit this want of his to my advantage? Lets face it, I’m tired of changing poopy diapers. I know when Adam poops, he knows when he poops. Why can’t this happen in the toilet?

Today I made a deal with Adam, poop once in the toilet and get a cupcake, pee three times and get a cupcake. I have had him repeat it through the day, he’s a smart kid and he loves cupcakes. 

So this smart kid ended up with 2 cupcakes today (he only ate the icing off the top but whatever – it worked!)

I had the idea of creating a cupcake board for him. I am going to put it outside the bathroom and start really trying to do this seriously. The next few days we don’t have to leave the house so lets put a very honest effort into potty training.

This is what I have come up with – 

photo 1


This is version 1.0 of the board. I am not 100% happy with it but I am out of ideas at the moment to improve it. We took a trip today to the local school supply store and of course they had cupcake stickers and accents. I am feeling as if this store will be getting a lot of my money in the future as I see this board becoming a much larger learning tool. For now we have a cute banner at the top (and I seriously was going to put Crap for Cupcakes but the parent in me went the other way) We have large and small cupcake stickers and a place to stick them, it’s a bit hard to see but it’s a grouping of 3 cupcakes. I feel as if this area need to evolve but I’m not sure how and hopefully Adam is potty trained before it comes to me. I’d like to save all the sticker and cover the whole board with it but we’ll see how that goes. 

Today will be the testing point on if this theory works or if it will be short-lived such as the chocolate, potty pops (totally stolen from Bat Dad) and the prize box. I’m pushing the potty more than the soother weaning because the potty is embarrassing and can be emotional and confusing. We are cutting back on the soother as well however despite everything I’ve read you shouldn’t do both at once but heck, it’s not like life was challenging enough right? 

Give us a little bit and I will update on if this was successful.


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