Why Are Dolls so Pink?

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Adam wants a baby doll. I have no issue with this. I think having a baby doll will teach empathy and nurturing. He wants the stroller as well that he can push his baby around.

What I am having an issue with is why are all the dolls so pink? Yes I get they are geared towards girls however boys can play with dolls too,  just as girls can play with trucks and Legos. They have designed an entire line of Lego called Friends geared towards the little girls, yet there is not a single line of baby dolls for boys. I have even been scouring the stores for a boy Cabbage Patch Kid and with no success have been able to find one. On Amazon a boy Cabbage Patch Doll ranges from $69.99 – $190.00 on the high-end.

Adam wants a baby doll that is hungry. He saw it at the store and you can feed it. I am going to continue to look for a doll as Christmas is coming and maybe Santa will bring him one. Maybe I will find one that isn’t so pink and girly however I am doubting that will happen. I guess I will just have to settle on the appropriate doll for what Adam wants.

I have Googled looking baby dolls for boys and the results are more things that Adam would want on his 18th birthday.

If anyone out there comes across this blog and works for a toy manufacturer I am sure there is a market for this. Even a small one. This would be a great tool for parents who are having another child to have their first child be introduced to what is going to happen, or in my case my son just wants a baby doll.

As for the other option I am not going to have another child to satisfy Adam’s need to nurture. It’s just a phase and in the long run a doll is much cheaper.


2 thoughts on “Why Are Dolls so Pink?

  1. That’s so interesting. I always assumed there’d be some blue boy doll or at least a neutral one, like those plastic ones. And yes, I grew up on Cabbage Patch and I think I even had a boy doll. My kiddo didn’t get into dolls but he would “nurture” his stuffed animals and play with them.

    • There is the odd purple doll. I’ve had a heck of a time finding a boy Cabbage Patch doll. I did buy Adam a pink doll set today because it had all the feeding stuff, a change of clothes and the stroller for $25. I’m going to see if maybe some of his old clothes I kept will fit the doll but the smile on his face while he was feeding the doll I’m the store was worth it and it comes down to my boy can play with a doll if he wants to.

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