Tis The Season

I had blogged that last Christmas wasn’t bad at work. People seemed good, and things were changing.

It’s amazing the difference a year can make.

I am going out on a limb and am going to declare this Christmas the year of the stupid people. Tis the season and it has begun.

This weekend was insanely busy at work. Luckily I only worked Sunday but from the stories I heard and what I encountered it’s going to be a LONG 8 weeks. First there was a promotion where you trade in a game you get a free PS4 game. This brought out lines larger then Boxing Day. People actually waited for hours to get this promotion. By Sunday we were sold out. I don’t know if working the actual rush was worse of dealing with the people on Sunday was worse. This is the conversation I had with a customer.

Customer I have already asked this question to another associate but maybe your answer will be different.
Me No we do not have any more games for the promotion, it was while quantities last.
Customer Are you sure? You don’t have any more in the back –
Me No there are no more in the store. We had a line up that wrapped around the store and people even lined up this morning before 8 am and we only had 5 copies to sell
Customer Ok but are you sure you’re not getting any more?

At this point in my head the conversation was going a lot different like How many times do I have to say NO and yes I am magic, can go to the warehouse and pull the exact product you want out of my butt for you

This customer was followed up shortly by the Why is it so busy in here today? Are you bleeping kidding me? It’s 44 days before Christmas. The Santa Claus parade was yesterday. People are officially doing their Christmas shopping. I’ll share a secret with you – we’ll be busy until mid January. Deal with it!

And please don’t get me started about the customers who stop me as I walk by and ask “Do you work here? NO, I just get dressed up in a uniform and hang out here to deal with stupid people for fun.

I won’t lie. I am not looking forward to this Christmas. With both Playstation and Microsoft releasing new consoles and having experienced all 3 previous launches the stories I could tell you would shock you. Granted we did take preorders this time so maybe that will improve things this time around. However people don’t think and would rather sit in lines for hours instead of putting down a deposit to secure their console.

Can someone wake me up in January because there isn’t enough egg nog in the world to make this easier.

I hope on December 31 I can write and say I was wrong about this Christmas season at work.

This photos is all over the place on the Internet. I laugh every time I see it – maybe I’ll hunt down more of these and share.


Remember to be kind this season to your retail associates. Kindness will make us want to go out of our way to help you and make the most out of the season.

Pound us with stupid questions and comments we’ll turn into robots, remember there is only so much we can control.


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