Not THAT Type of Tea Party

I have been battling a head cold the past few days. Honestly it’s not the worst cold I have ever had but I have been feeling really crappy to say the least.

Yesterday in hopes of revealing some of the pressure in my sinuses I pulled out the Neti-Pot. I have been trying to stay off as many meds as possible and just letting things take its course so this is a good way to help without heavy meds.


For those who don’t know what a Neti Pot is it’s this thing. You put warm water in it, stick it up your nose and rinse it out. The goal is to put it up one nostril and have the water come out the other one. It sounds gross and it is the least sexy thing you have ever seen another human being do, however I was once a non believer however after not finding relief with medications I was able to unclog my nose with this and I have been stuck on it during cold and allergy season.

I snuck into the bathroom to stick this blue thing up my nose hoping Adam wouldn’t notice I was gone but within a few minutes the bathroom door swung open and Adam exclaimed “Mommy a tea-pot! Time for a tea party!”

He dove for the Dixie cups on the counter and eagerly tried to convince me to pour some of the tea into his cup to drink. He didn’t quite understand why I wouldn’t do that or allow him to stick the tea-pot up his nose either. Like a typical three-year old he started screaming as I had water, snot and lord knows what else dripping out of my nostrils.

I think I owe Adam a real tea party. Hopefully he doesn’t try to stick that tea-pot up his nose.


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