Not That Far Away

Today Adam and I walked over to the school he will be enrolled in. Last week I called to find out when registration was and discovered that the packages were all ready so I could pick it up early.

We often walk over to the school to play in the playground but I never take Adam into the school. He sees the other kids going in and out and often wants to join them however, it’s not his time yet.

Today when he discovered we were going to go into the school he was so excited. He went in with eyes wide and a huge smile. We picked up our package and asked a few questions. As we were leaving he noticed the gym and a huge bin of basketballs. I asked if we could go look and we were allowed to. He was so excited to see such a big basketball room and so many kids playing in it. He willfully and with such enthusiasm shared his name and shook everyone’s hand who offered it.

There are some programs we are going to take part in to help ease Adam into this huge transition for his start of school in September. If today was any indication he is going to do just fine, and will love it.

As for this Mommy, I am at ease but it probably won’t be as easy for me to let Adam go. It will be hard at first but I too am excited at what this could mean for me and my sanity.

September is not that far away when you think about it. 


3 thoughts on “Not That Far Away

  1. Sounds like Adam will do just fine! Glad to hear about your positive experience so far. I’m in the process of registering Madeline for preschool, we’re touring our top pick next week. Honestly, the fall will be here before we know it. It seems like just yesterday I was wondering when my water will break. Crazy!

    • It does go by so fast doesn’t it. This is all new because we never enrolled Adam in preschool. It’ll be the first time in 3 years that I will have not spent the majority of my time with him.

      Why must they grow so fast. My Mom and I keep saying we just got him, we’re not ready to share yet!

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