When Adam Wakes Up

I do hate weekends like this. Tonight I got home from work after Adam was long in bed. Tomorrow morning I will be long gone before he even opens his eyes. It works out to over 24 hours that I go without seeing him. I know people do it all the time but it’s something I like to avoid doing.

Adam will just roll with it and the first hug from when I get home from work tomorrow afternoon with be the best but until then I wanted to do something to remind Adam I love him.

At work tonight I came across an awesome box. There are good boxes but this is an awesome size for him to turn into a car or a rocket ship. Of course I brought it home for him and left him a note.


I know Brian will send me some pictures through the day and I am sad that I will miss the look on his face when he sees the box in the morning but the idea of Adam having so much fun will get me to home time.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as a box to make the day a little better.


2 thoughts on “When Adam Wakes Up

  1. Such a fun idea, Shannon! I’m already nervous about going back to being a working mom. But we suffer more than they do, for sure.

    • Lately Adam has been having huge meltdowns when I leave for work, which is new for me but I have been working much more then before. He’s even had a few meltdowns when Brian has left too. I think he’s telling us we need to spend more time together and he’s not wrong.

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