The Photography Challenge – Results

I fully intended to post this back in October however it has taken me this long to sit and go over all the photos. In all honesty I had to go back and look at the details of some of the photos because I couldn’t remember what camera I used for every single one of them.

I have left the Photography Challenge up for a few weeks and haven’t had the participation I expected however it has been interesting nonetheless. I will use this post to go over some of the results. I have just used rough rounding in the results for those wondering why they don’t all add up to 100% of the votes.


Photo 1 had the following results – iPhone 56% Point and Shoot 33% and DSLR 10%. This was correct. This photo was taken with my iPhone and I did use an enhancing filter before I posted it to make the reds in the photo pop.

Photo 2DSLR 46% iPhone 36% and Point and Shoot 18%. This photo was a bit of a shock to me that almost half the people thought it was taken with a DSLR. It was actually taken with the Canon SX 270HS. There was no enhancing of this photo at all, it was cropped from the original image.


Photo 1 – DSLR 44% Point and Shoot 40% iPhone 16%. This photo was in fact taken with a DSLR however the fact that the point and shoot was close is interesting to me. I took this photo with the Nikon D90. We took a trip to purposely do a photo shoot on the beach.

Photo 2 – DSLR 48% iPhone 35% Point and Shoot 17%. This photo was taken with the Canon SD 770IS. This was Adam’s first trip to the beach. It was an impromptu trip and I only had the camera that was in my camera bag.

Photo 3 – Point and Shoot 56% iPhone 35% DSLR 9%. Another trip where I actually didn’t pack either camera and only had my iPhone on me. This is one of my favourite pictures and it reinforces my argument that sometimes the best camera is the one you have in your hands at the time you need it. This photo did have a blue filter added to it on one of the iPhone editing software programs. (I can’t remember which one because I have 3 different ones I use.)


Photo 1 – Point and Shoot 47% DSLR 29% iPhone 24%. This photo was taken with the Canon SD 770IS point and shoot. There was no editing done to this photo.

Photo 2 – DSLR 71% Point and Shoot 18% iPhone 12%. This photo actually shocked me with these results. This photo is one of my all time favourite photos I snapped and believe it or not it was taken with a 3.1MP Kodak point and shoot camera. It was also taken 10 years ago. This was my very first digital camera. There was no photo editing done to this photo at all. The Kodak cameras when the came out were some of the best on the market and the photos still stand the test of time.

Photo 3 – DSLR 72% Point and Shoot 16% iPhone 11%. This photo was taken with my DSLR. When you analyze the photo the depth of field is fantastic and the lighting is great.

Photo 4 – iPhone 47% Point and Shoot 35% DSLR 18%. This photo was taken with the same camera as Photo 2. It too has no editing and is also about 10 years old.


Photo 1 – Point and Shoot 67%  DSLR 33% iPhone 0%. This photo was taken with my first Kodak point and shoot camera.

Photo 2 – DSLR 40% Point and Shoot 27% iPhone 33%. This photo was taken with my Nikon D70s DSLR in Niagara Falls. It was a very cold day that day.

Photo 3 – DSLR 33% Point and Shoot 20% iPhone 47%. This photo also surprised me a little bit with the results. This has always been one of my favourite photos and when I took it many people said you have an eye for photography. It was taken well over 10 years ago if not more with my Kodak Point and Shoot.

Photo 4 – iPhone 0% Point and Shoot 12.5% DSLR 87.5%. Well no surprise here with the majority of people guessing DSLR. The Nikon D70s was also an excellent camera while I had it. The purples in this photo are a little lost on the screen but the print versions of this photo are fantastic.


Photo 1 – Point and Shoot 38% DSLR 23% iPhone 38%. I snapped this photo when we were out for a walk with my iPhone. It was the only camera I had on me so it was the one that did the trick.

Photo 2 – DSLR 69% Point and Shoot 23% iPhone 8%. This photo was taken with my DSLR. It is another one of my all time favourite photos.

Photo 3 – DSLR 15% Point and Shoot 38% iPhone 46%. Again this photo I find the results interesting. I took this photo with my Nikon D90 DSLR. I remember these series of photos because the lighting I found to be a real challenge in getting right. The sun was bouncing off the box which you think would really help the situation but I found it to be a hindrance. I did take sever photos of Adam in the box with my iPhone as well but I think the lighting in this one turned out perfect.

Photo 4 – iPhone 38% Point and Shoot 15% DSLR 46%. This photo was taken and edited all on my iPhone. It’s not the full picture displayed because there is an adorable baby bottom in it but it was one of the first pictures I took and edited that really impressed me with the capability of the iPhone.


Photo 1 – Was a complete tie across the board. 33.33% for all 3 options. I took this photo with my Kodak camera on my honeymoon. I personally love the pose of the tiger.

Photo 2 – DSLR 50% Point and Shoot 31% iPhone 19%. This photo was taken with the D90, I personally dislike this photo and sort of like it at the same time. I hate the reflections in the protective glass but the detail in the tigers fur is quite nice.


Photo 1 – Point and Shoot 31% DSLR 23% iPhone 46%. This photo also again made me go huh? I did take this with my DSLR and added some filters after in Tiffen DFX.

Photo 2 – DSLR 50% Point and Shoot 50% iPhone 0%. I was actually in the wedding party for this Bride and it was a little hard to lug my DSLR around with me so this was taken with a point and shoot camera. It was one of those “moments” where Andrea was caught up in conversation with relatives from overseas and there was just so much emotion in the moment. It has to be one of my favourite pictures of the day.

Photo 3 – DSLR 30% Point and Shoot 46% iPhone 23%. This photo was taken with my Canon point and shoot camera and it’s one of those opportunities where there was a professional photographer at the top of the stairs who took this photo.


This is a great example of two different cameras, two different photographers taking a photo at the same moment of the same people and getting two different results.

I do not like the shadows that are in this photo behind the goom (however I understand it happens) I like the lighting but felt the angle is wrong.

In my photo I personally think the angle was a better one to shoot from and felt the blown out window added nice natural light. I did not use the flash at all so not to interfere with the professional and I was quite happy with the results.

Some people may not agree with my review of the photos but this is the awesome thing about discussing photography.

(Thanks to Andrea for letting me use the photos and discuss them!)

Photo 4 – iPhone 15Point and Shoot 30DSLR 54%. This was taken with the same camera as photo 1. There was almost no editing done except for the conversion to black and white.


I guess my point after all of this is it really doesn’t matter what camera we use to capture a moment, some people will never be able to tell the difference. Some amateurs take better pictures than some professionals. We all take a bad photo once in a while and we all take an awesome one at the same time.

I find I spend so much time debating cameras, especially when I have to train staff or sell a camera. A DLSR is not for everyone, a Point and Shoot may not do what you want it to and the iPhone camera is just great to have.  Realistically if you are serious you need them all in your camera collection.

There are days where we should just stop debating and enjoy the photos that are captured.

I have decided what camera to take on my vacation finally and I am not going to tell you –

Because in the end it really doesn’t matter.

Please feel free to start or add to this discussion or share your thoughts. It seems to be a hot topic.

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