One Reason Why I Love Being A Parent

Think back to your childhood.

Remember a trip, or something special that seemed so magical and amazing?

It turns out a lot of work went into that by your parents and possibly several other people.

You don’t appreciate the amount of effort and possibly money that went into it at that age but you embrace the event and the excitement and that is something that stays with you forever.

Now as a parent I have the chance to do the same for Adam and it’s probably the most exciting and rewarding feeling ever.

Adam knew we were coming to Disney, but he didn’t really understand what that meant until yesterday. When we drove past the giant Mickey sign and when we went out and saw as he says “the giant golf ball” at Epcot you could see the excitement in his eyes.

The kids still doesn’t know what is coming yet and he’ll have to wait another day to truly find out when we meet up with Brian’s parents (who also are helping make this happen).

Last night Adam said “Mommy and Daddy I love you both!” He kept repeating it over and over. The look and tone of his voice is telling me he’s already appreciating what we’re

It’s not only the small every day moments that I live for and love but it’s making magical and amazing things like this happen.

This is why I love being a parent.


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