How Could This End Badly?

The sun is shining, the temperature is actually to a point where we can go outside and enjoy some quality time in fresh air.

Adam asked if we can go to the park, of course I said yes and we headed over to play on the slides.


Look we have bubble vests, no mittens, it’s the weather we’ve been waiting for! We played here for a bit and I suggested we go to the swings. Adam who usually says no, started to run across the park squeaking “yeah Mommy!”

When we get there he asked to go onto the swings with the triangles. The ones designed for younger kids. Of course you can –


What could go wrong with you going on these swings? It’ll be fun, the wind will go through your hair, we’ll giggle, it sounds fantastic.

Until Mommy realizes you’re stuck. Maybe you are a little bigger then I thought, maybe the swings aren’t for younger kids but actually SMALLER kids.

I don’t mean stuck like it was just a little hard to get you out, I mean seriously considering calling the fire department stuck because the first time I tried to pull you out you stared crying in what seemed like a lot of pain.

Thankfully if I wasn’t trying to get Adam out he was quite content swinging back and forth and was actually starting to doze off.

A sleeping baby in a swing, how cute and it buys me some time.

I messaged Brian and he was able to leave work if need be. I messaged Robin because she was right near the park and that conversation went like this –


After trying a few more times to free Adam I asked Robin to come to the park. She came right over and we giggled a little about this predicament and then proceeded to heave and ho like they did in Winnie the Pooh to get Pooh out of Rabbit’s hole.

It was the second attempt that we were successful but it wasn’t without a scream and tears – from Adam of course. I sat on the swing beside him and he needed some cuddles and a good cry but it wasn’t long before he was laughing again.


We proceeded to walk to Tim Horton’s for timbits and then played for another few hours outside. It won’t surprise me if the poor guy has some bruises but I don’t think I’ve scarred him for life despite my best efforts.

For those who were expecting to see some photos of a big dramatic rescue by firefighters, I apologize but it really came very close to that. Robin even thought we might have to after the first attempt at getting him out.

I’m going to have to start carrying a measuring tape so I can measure the dimensions of Adam’s thighs and compare them to every hole he wants to crawl into or put his extremities in.

I’m sure this is just the first of many silly situations we’ll find ourselves in, hopefully we won’t be close to calling the fire department again any time soon.


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