A Garden Grown From Love

There may be snow on the ground and the temperatures are still in the freaking freezing range but my ideas for the garden have already begun.

It’s no secret I’m an expert at killing plants. I can brag that I once killed a bamboo plant. Those things are hard to kill but I was able to do it. Despite this killing ability every year I plant flowers and different things in an attempt to make my house look nice. The odd time it looks ok but I am never really 100% happy with it. One of these years I might pay someone to redo my front garden area.

This year I’m taking a different approach and growing a garden from love (and a bit of cheapness).

It’s not abnormal to spend $100 or more on flowers, dirt, red wood chips to clean up the area. It’s an expensive investment and to just kill the plants eventually seems like a waste. Last year I spent a bit of extra money on perennials, so this year I can dig up the bulbs and move them (I ended up not liking the placement of them). A few years ago I transplanted a ground crawler from my Grandma’s garden and it’s been growing well and making the area under my deck look nice along with hostas. Those are amazing plants for easy coverage and filling (if they get large enough you can split them and transplant as well) which I have successfully done.

This year I am not buying any flowers at all. I’m growing them all from seeds.

This year Brian and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. At our wedding we handed these out as favours –


It ended up being a wonderful idea as the next summer many of our guests sent us photos of the flowers they grew from the seeds. They turned out beautifully.

I have several packets left over and was saving them for something but I didn’t know what. This seems like a great idea and a wonderful story to go with the garden.

Today I planted several seeds in an indoor greenhouse and it looks like this.


It’s not much at the moment but hopefully in a few months it will be a beautiful collection of flowers.

I should mention that if I kill all these flowers it is not a reflection of how I feel about my marriage.

A garden like a marriage needs work, time and love. Maybe if I put that into my garden this year it will turn out more beautiful then previous years.



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