We Found Grass!

I has been a search that has been going on for 5 months. We thought the time would never arrive but we found grass.

We have may found grass but it’s still cold – like I can’t feel my butt cold –


Despite it being so cold we decided to go outside for a little bit. Adam suggested one thing that many people are biting at the bit to do.

We pulled out the golf clubs.


We had to find a good tee off place to being and then the games began.


This wasn’t your typical game of golf. We had many additional hazards such as snow banks and ice sheets. There was also a very large barking dog that was impeding play. Overall for the first round of the season it was well played.

I am beyond happy we have found grass. If we can just get these temperatures up into the positive our days will be filled with fun things like golfing, soccer, baseball and who knows what other games Adam and I will create as we go.

There was a robin in the tree while we were playing. That is a good sign. If Mother Nature would just put her foot on the accelerator and stop being a Sunday driver it would be much appreciated. >


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